Sunday, January 02, 2005

Rode to the new year

din wanna spend new year at home. hopped on the bike grabbed a friend for pillon and rode bangalore for hours like a nomad. This wasant a rip ride but more of a fun one. Couldnt believe the Traffic jams at 2 O clock in the night. MG road was in absolute mayhem. its like all the two wheelers got some extra BHPs. TVS 50s, lunas and small bikes ripping with lugging 3 people. Cops lineint on new year day. no drunk drive tests no stops. people wishing one and all. road filled with youngsters and every vehicle 4 or 2 wheeler jumps at first gear with music blaring in the cars n we also did some dance like things to the music in the car when riding parallel to it. :D. was careful not drag or take panga, cos who knows which idiot is driving drunk. We avoided MG road at 12 in the night. that time the place is no good at all.
were in koramangala at that time. later when we came to MG at 1, the road was litterd with bricks. guess there was a lathi charge by cops.
people dancing on the streets and lots of fireworks.

was great fun, its a once in a year experiance.

May the new year bring more rides into our lives --- amen.