Thursday, September 24, 2009

Savandura Ride 'O' Trek


Arun called me along for a small trek to Savandurga rock near bangalore. Been to this place many times but never went up the rock. Its a steep climb on the rock face to the summit. Taking the wrong path could get one stuck on the steep rock face not knowing hot to go up or down. Cos if you loose a foot hold there is nothing to break the fall and would roll down all the way. Many have lost their lives here. There is a dilapidated fort up there built by KempeGowda. It was his home for a few years to escape arrest from the British. Due to its steepness, its very difficult to attack from below. The only way to defeat the ppl in the fort was to surround the rock for at least three months and wait for the people above to run out of food. But the kings had their ways. As for recent stories, this is a fav place for couples and there have been a few murders.

There are basically two rocks Karigudd and Biligudda. We are going only to Biligudda which ppl go. Very few ppl know the route to climb the Karigudda. As its not just a one piece rock, its getting broken down by elements and there are lot of craveses plants growth to go through. All the above info given by the guide Raja who we hired. The way up is pretty simple but we need a guide help us out to avoid very steep paths and at some place let us know where to step. Some patches which look very dry are the parts which slip more. Arun is very interested to do this trek and encourages me to come along. Gives me his super flexible and sticky rock climbing shoes, cos i am not much into trekking and was apprehensive about climbing sheer rock face! where as he managed with normal sports shoes which he had quite some tough time! He has also brought us lunch. It had been raining all night and still was drizzling as we started in the morning. Arun tells that even if there is a break of half hour int he rain its possible to climb the rock. Thus went there to see whats the situation. Things looked encouraging as we got there. Called on Raja the guide. Dumped all our riding gear in his house and of we go to the trek.


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