Sunday, August 28, 2005

The haunted ride!!!

Y'day had dinner at office and was goin to ma cubicle for another session when i get a call from ashwin luring for night ride to savandurga, the closest awailable twisties from bangalore. first was like GOOBA(ullu) wat r u talkin bout. but it was for real. ma office was in the way so told em to give a call there and i will see. cos had lost quite some sleep past few days at office and my cozy bed home was very inviting. sat at ma desk and ... no i couldnt work now!!!!. Took permission and got out of the office at 10.15 and went to the fill fuel and wait for the gyes to show up. which they did after 30 mins. sanjay, ashwin, vicky, vinay, praveenS and santhosh it was. Savandurga is supposed to be haunted place it seems where ppl have seen things at night. we were goin to investigate it:D. the place is kinda spooky even i day times with almost nil traffic. but has got 25-30 kms of awsome twisties. 7 of us roared towards maaagadi, ruining the silence where ever we went. at one place saw 6 gyes haveing a night out on victors and splenders. guess they were doubles to share fuel. hehe. ripped past them and get out of town. was a bit scary to me with my fork behaving differently. hit the twisties none the less. now that was some adrenelin rush at night. ashwin and vicky first time to the place tharoughly enjoying. the highlight is a wide 180 defree turn which takes the by surprice for the first timers there. We stop quite a few times. discussing wheather to go to Savandurga or continue to hit the NH (towards mangalore). but the haunted roumers appealed more to the gyes. we were polluting the noice environment there else there would be eiery silence. off the Sdurga it is. this 15 kms is a bit bad road but narrow and winding like throught forest. do some of it and reach the end. park our bikes in front of a temple. what a paradox the supposed haunted places has two big temples.

could see the big mountain only as a bit darker shade above. we decide to walk and bit and see if any ghosts are there. was sooo quite with jungly noice. just then a dog jumps us surprising everyone. now this was a "hutch" dog following us. ;) saw some ppl afar have beedies or cigerets or what ever. well din wanna mess with them so backed to our bikes. took some pix and 2.00 in the night when we start for home. this time decided to do non stop. every one well adjusted to the environment ripped like crasy. these pulsar gyes remove the end portion of their rear mud guard for show and had pirallis too. tailing them ment getting showered in debri. a stone too hit ma hand. dat one could have easily broken the headlamp hehe. hit the main strech and this is where the fun beings. sanjay as usual gets away past every one and i would not leave his tail this time. rip past the debri spiting pulsers to catch him. this gye on hi rx 135 has got the light so bright dat car could envy and one twisti maniac. i keep his tail and gorge on the tasty twisties SLURRRR!! at 80+. this sthrech has many tight S's. was totally adrenelin pumping leaning to max. dare i do that alone with my stock cbz lamp. the 10 mins was awsome loved doin that after quite a long time. hit the straight strechs with ppl taking turn leading and me sticking to the leaders tail. these gyes had got the pulser's headlamp coil winded and real brigt lights. come to mysore road and rip towards devegoda petro pump. this is my regular office route but never took it past 95 but with these gyes around we did it 100-105 on the empty roads. Devegowda petrol pump it is by 3.15. PraveenS wanted to carry on to nandi hills to catch the early morning mist. but rest gyes din have enthu and i too had to catch up wid lot of sleep. so we head home and at bed by 3.30 am.

aaaaah!!! wat a ride. just 150 kms but was odd time and odd place. disappointed to have not found any ghost hehe. living it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed Savandurga is a nice place, nice description...

March 17, 2006 3:58 AM  

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