Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Top Speed test track for bangalore

Outer Ring Road ???? naaaa too many intersections to cruise on the top speed of the bike.

Bangalore - Tumkur(70KMs) 4 lane high way. 35+or- ? Kms of pure adreneling rush. (not that it is the latest news.)

pleasure even at night - large median, road paineted with lane lines that reflect well on the headlight. can base our trejectory with ease.

very few median gaps for criscorssing, but should be alert for them. no turns that needs the throttle relaxing.

yesterday at 4 in the after noon heard the words - "No more chores Son, u r free to go" foreseeing my next weekend being spent in the office cos of deadline, have 2 hours of day light left. well now where to go. the above streach it is. Started my CBZs enjine at 4.30. thought could have the day ride while goin and night ride while coming. Fueled up and on my way. negotiated the traffic and reached startin at the toll collection at around 5.30.(free pass for two wheelers) its 30 kMs from blore and after nelmangla. 20 KMs before it as well is good. well full throttle time for 20 good minites. can reach the top speed many times. some times do get stuck on behind overtaking trucks. but no problem ther is 4 feet wide demarketed part on the outer edge of each side meant for two weelers where the trucks dont venture. so can go to that part and over take from the left. pretty safe (correct me if wrong.)

150 cc vehicles do feel the need of more power in this road. especially when in full throttle top speed and over takin a car doin just 5 KMs speed less than mine. well mine wont go past 112 on the speedo even at 9k RPMs.

5.50 end of 4 lane at a toll and just out 7 KMs to tumkur the road under construction not good. dint feel like goin in the town for a tea. tooka break for 15 mins. and headed back again. back at frnds place at 7.30. no challengers this ride. no drag. viewed every vehicle in my rear view mirror. i was the unnofficial champian of that road that day. :D

But never the less, u got three hours and wanna cruise at top speed of the bike then the road to hit is.........


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