Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Saturday Night-Out

yup wanted to see big bikes doin the drag on MG road,bangalore. start time unofficially at 12.30 night in front of plaza or so i heard. so grabed mani for pillon and went for 9.30 movie to kill time till 12.30. the movie was 'JURM', my friend predicted the whole story within 5 mins of the start of the movie. passed funny comments, tried varios ergonomical postures to keep myself seated and not run out shouting with fraustation. gyes have mercy on yourselves and drop the plan for the above movie if u have one.

finally the 12.20 movie(torture) over. time to hit MG road. coult not believe its 12.30. so much traffic, not the night people but the regular population roaming about. but did notice some youngster gourping and waiting for some thing. thought lets check out the inner ring road. was empty no bikes there. but on the way, saw a gye on kinetic honda doin a wheelie. me and my friend laughing in disbelief.
again went to MG road 1.30 am. the traffic was less but still not less enough for drags and stuff. more gyes with bikes had grouped and just chatting about. thought would check out the outer ring road. went to multiplex and there towards to koramangala. well nothing on the way. thought we missed it and may it was goin on some where else. so decided to goto MG road on last time before leaving for home.
2.20am. this time the scene was different. lot more yougsters, bikers, jeepers, carers(oops) hanging out, with music blaring from the cars. it was like new years eve.

well we thought people r not waitin for nothin. sometin will happen. enquired with some gyes, who said it was like this every saturday night. and they were expecting to see ducaties and CBRs which were regulars on sat nights. but was told to keep an eye for cops. were atleast 400-500 gyes out there. went in front of symphony and was on my bike in case we have to rush out. the ambiance was too good. now some bullet gyes just ripping up and down the MG road. then came a two gyes performing wheelies to the length of MG road on kinetic honda and the other on dio. what do we have here. these two gyes were goin on and on with their wheelies. then came a couple of RXs doin almost vertical wheelies. then samurais. an RX gye had attached metal
rods at the rear of the bike so that it touch the road when bent and sparks would come out. modded bikes ripping in between. people cheering. now that was some fun. still no sign of SBKs. looked like the fun would never end. then came a gye on a bullet(without helmet) ripping hard and some how managed to hit the median and went tumbling with sparks flying all over. many gyes rushed towards him. found out
he was drunk and bleeding. then a gang in a jeep took him to hospital. then in a flurry all the bikes cars jeeps just left the place and in 10 mins the whole place was deserted. we moved out too. maaaan, one dumb gye suffered injury and made everyone leave for the fear of cops. well ok there's always a next time.

later found form Joe's mech that there was some drag event in mumbai, so four SBKs from his garage atleast had gone there and could not make it to MG road. well that was it. may be will try once more in am month or so. :D. live with parents u know, night outs are rare and hard earned.


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