Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coorg-Thadiandmol Peak Brekking!!


another weekend another ride, to coorg it was to beat the heat of bangy.

keerthi all raring to for the ride and santhosh along with him. inspite of work at office to be done at the weekend decided to break free. ma bike badly in need of service started making funny noises, is it the connecting rod again. changed the engine oil. made it the mech and he kinda fixes it needed timing chain adjustment and 12.30 by the time i say i am in. ashok and shindhi in and vicky joins finally.

we are off though pretty late by 4 in the evening, well din have any long distance plan just a relaxed ride for 3 days. my bike not all comfy revving this time but still gave it a rip a nice ride on the hassan highway. kinda racing with ashok vicky and nidhi, approaching kamats i here some sounds again, damn its the tappets going loud. the mech fixed the timing chain and spoils the tappets. am 150 kms from home and its getting dark, not wanting to take the risk of break down alone going back continue with the guys. damn wats with ma bike? kinda killed the fun a bit. take a deviation to khushalnagar and the road gets bad from now on and on for 70-80 kms, butts starts complaining and rain is threatening too. 10 kms to khushal nagar freshly laid twisties, but wet due to drizzle. now we got mist. it was awesome experience with he lights spreading every where due the the thick mist and couldn't find our way properly. vicky and ashok get ahead, we 4 stop to feel it. and its KHOOOLD welcome reprieve from the hot weather at bangy. gyes exited, keerthi pulls out his speakers with beaty music and we do the jinga(extream exitement) dance :D on the road. 15 mins and it starts pouring, hmmm... now we gonna get wet for the 10 kms from the place. we reach the coorg and take shelter in a petrol pump and loo no rooms but vicky managed to find us a shack in a house. well cozy place with 12 beds for the six of us. have a dinner and crash pretty late with the 'Thadiandmol' peaks trek's in the next days itinerary. Its a Six km trek to the summit and could spot Arabian Sea on a clear day.

Cozy beds and late before we got up and pack our bags and head for break fast in the town. Thadiandmol peak some 35 KMs from coorg, road not much to talk about but it was fun riding slow in the narrows road in a formation. make it the entrance by 9 and see few vehicles parked there, but we ain't gonna stop there are we, hit the trekking trail on our bikes. trekkers surprised to see us on bikes. a KM or 2 later its now even more steeper and rough section to climb. But guys had 'Brekking' plan for the day. (Biking on a trekking trail :D). This is where ashok stops his bike cos its an low slung cruiser and cant take the path. i too leave ma bike there, not wanting stressing the engine already tappets audible rather loud. but the the rest of em brek on. me and ashok take on the foot and catch up with the gyes. now the heat bearing down on us. was an awesome trail to trek often needing to go through thick canopies above and streams in between. damn would have been fun with the bike. the trail narrowing to 1 feet some place and the gyes still carry. finally we catch up the guys who perched their bike here there and planning to carry on foot now. was one big effort to turn all the bike the other direction on the narrow path.passeres by trekkers really amazed and dumbstruck to find us on the bikes till there. after a short trek we find the path open up a bit and santhosh,vicky and keerthi go back to get the bikes. long trek now with sun in full glory, but the cool breeze keeps us going. we finally come to non bikable path even for these guys and wait for em show up. there they come and still 4 KMs of trek to the summit looking really hard now. we start the steep ascent on the foot now. the whole place surrounded by green hills. not only did we not bring any water or food, we were also lugging our baggage out there.

we got up on a hill en route the main peak and kinda found it high enough;) sat and lazed round. we could see trekkers wearing light cloths and energizing drinks in their hands. shinidhi and vicky had to go bak the same day tooo. biking and trekking don mix hehe. after some foto session we turn back and getting donw was even harder and dam exhausted by the time we get to our bikes. head back to coorg for lunch. 3 KMs to the town and nice twisties:D , thought to hell with the tappets and revved my enjine and for a brief duration of fun leaning on the sharp curves as fast as i could go. in the town have long lazy lunch and now vikcy and shrinidi big bye and leave for bangy. me in dialma whether to go with them or stay for the next day but guys convinced me to stay as they were not going any further. found rooms and hit the bed. tired one and all wake up for the time of dinner. then what go have dinner and then go to the room and again sleep !!! yawn.

again wake up late. well that was the intention for a lazy trip to beat the office pressures for all of us. after breakfast we go to the Abbe falls and spend some time there. ashok very much interested in jumping in to the water but now us. after some foto shoot and bird watching:D we start to bangy. now the same 10 KMs of twisties we needa go and last bit of nice road, and let the bike loose and started cornering as much as could, keerthi big boy zips past me, but i sticky to his tail and take on the awesome curves. again peg scraped on a curve hehe:D does not last long, bad roads again. have lunch at khusalnagar. nice lunch for our hungry selves. little out of town and we could see the sky pretty dark in the direction we needa go. OKIE we have some rain ride in store. stop at a town to get some plastic sheet and stuff it through our bunjees to keep the bags dry. not long after the sky's opened up. 250 kms more to go. worse the roads under construction and some distance we had to go on shush. damn ma tyres are a bit bald, had to change em before rains but din expect rain mid summer!!!. me gettin bit scared cos the back wheel having a will of its own. many places a layer of flowing water on the path some times 1 feet deep.
finally reached the done up wide road but the rains only got heavier. now this is goin to be fun ride. inner hulls already breached by water. santhosh gets into a petrol pump and says no riding till the rain stops. but we cajole him to continue and its really pouring. the ppl at the pump calling us nuts to go in that rain, where trucks and four wheelers had stopped. we hit the roads again and rip in the rains. it was awsome riding in the rain at 90 + speeds. had to be pretty careful in early breaking and turning at those speeds. reach the bangy mysore road 4 lane road 6 pm. have a round or tea. more ride in the rain.

9 and in bangy after a nice ride. 667 kms of it.ashok complaining of body pain and fever previous day all refreshed with rain. did i mention had a lot of work at office ? went there Monday and came home Tuesday night, updating my personal record of 41 hours continues working at office!!!. price of the weekend ride? not at all would do it again next time too if i could trade ;)