Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ride to Sangam,Mekedatu

friday evening got a call from arun and vineesh for a ride to samgam on saturday. yes it was on our bikes and i said why not.

its around 90 KMs from bangalore. (bangalore to kanakapura 50Kms and
kanakapura to sangam 35 KMs)

Click here for WriteUp by Arun

the other two gyes on arun's CBZee and me on mine. met up near my house at 7.00 in the morning and rode off. it was beautyfull whether all day, and morning traffic was low. was having hard time to keep the other bike in my rear view. so they said we would meet at some point later. and road after bangalore was tooo good. no points for guessing what we did later, we ripped and most of the time 70-80 and some times 90. they stopped in between for some snaps. but i was more interested in riding koool road. reached kanakapura at aroun 8.15 am. had break fast there. and asked directions for sangam and went that way at around 8.45.

this road was narrow but pretty good. it was winding all the way. we could not rip hear as there were lot of turn. but the ride was too good. the scenary was very refreshing. took some snaps in between. hills and trees all the way. and this road went in between some villages.

reached sangam by 10.15. basically it is a meeting point of two rivers. we left our bikes at a shop and so did all the bags and shoes and went bear foot crossed bear foot water which was till waist height. bit nervers as i did not know swimming. after crossing we walked along the bank for some distance on stones. when headin back we saw people waiting for some bus. we wondered what was that for. when asked some gye their, he said thier was this place some 4.5 KMs which had some gorge.

later we came to know that their was another way where we could have crossed with only nee deep water. any way that was fun. then we waited for the bus. cos we couldnt walk bear foot. when the bus arrived we climbed up to first floor. yep on the roof of the bus. we ran on it to catch some place as their were many people.
every one as soon as we sat jumped up with a scream. man the bus metal roof was so
hot. well it burnt our ass. hihihih. the road was very bad and we were gettin trown around on the roof. we reached the place, and had to get down some steps. the gorge was too good. we climbed up on the stone bank. it was like the water cuttin through stone. the current was huge as the all the water was forced in to narrow path. we climbed up and down on the opposite side of where most people went to see how far we could go. good that it was not raining or else the stones would be slippery. we then turned towards the more populas place. Its MEKE DATU nice place.

we could not get any food their but fotunately we had taken some apples along and chocklets. after clibing up and down on the steep rock bank, the other felt bit more adventures and went to do some rock climbing, i said i had my share and i will wait below.

we were tired and it was time to leave. caught the same bus and back to the place where we could cross the river. after crossing the river we had some omlets their, and put the gear back on and it was 5.15 by the time we started of towards knakapura. the ride back was real good as the seanary around blended in a different colour. on the way we saw some people stuffin sheeps in a bus. well what do u know, it was the same kind of bus we went in. hihihih. just before reaching kanakapur it started to rain. we had our rain gear on but still decide to wait out the rain. after the rain we reached kanakapura had tea and left. it was 7 already.

it was dark, and 40 KMs left with no street lights. as this was my first bike trip, did not know the hazards of night riding on road out of city with no street lights. it was real scary. CBZ headlights are not very bright. we were moving at a slow pace but when ever an opposing vehichle came we were blinded by the bright light. the glass on the helmet caused more of it. it was very disorinting. if we lifted the glass then we were bambarded with insects on our face. then i sujjested following some vehicle so that it would save us from the glare. but other were skeptical about it as it would be very risky following in the night at more speeds. i was follwoing behing the other bike, on a turn when a bus apporached the light was so bright that i lost which way i was goin, and i kinda when towards the bus instead of getin away from it. it was was real scary. well i said to the gyes, i am goin after the next vehicle and wait for them the some where ahead.

then came a santro and i started chasing him. well he was in a spirit and was
ripping. i was following him blindly at high speeds some times touching 80 on the speedo. the road was good so was ok. it did save me for the uncomfortable feeling when vehicles approached. but when a the road turnd bad, santro dint care for a pot hole, but since i was follwoing it i did hit with a bang. then i realised that i was not doin a clever thing. so left the car and waited for a slower target. yeah i got a bus and started following it. and reached civilization and waited for the other gyes.

then we went to our house at around 8.15 had a nice cup of coffee and they left for thier homes. then had a nice sleep. if only i could i put the trip in nice words.


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