Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On Auto Pilot?

I wake up last Sunday morning with an aching body. WTH? both my thumbs paining. Ringing in my ears. I feel like I am drunk! I sit up and try to analyze the situation. I find my knee pad and shoes in my room instead of hall. Walking a bit wayward. I find 2 X 2 inch ghash on the kneed pad.

The cargo pant which seems to be neatly tucked into the cupboard has something to tell. Find it torn badly at the right knee.
Don't recollect taking this photo:

Did I have crash? but when I went to check my helmet and yeah, I did have a crash alright. But when? I don't seem to remember anything. The gloves torn at the outside of thumb costing me some skin. It failed me here cos the rest of gloves were well padded. Then I vaguely remember going for the Shivalli CCD for a coffee. But seemed like a distant memory. Still trying to get hold of things, go down to check out the state of ZMA. To my surprise I find its the CBZ that's banged up.

Don't know when I switched bikes. May be I had taken it for a small ride when it happened. What happened? when? nothings coming to my mind. Looks like I have come back on my own cos the bike was parked where I always do. Early morning though it was, went to the nearby hospital for some first aid, tetanus prick and xray for my hand. But things are still a bit hazy. A nurse cleans wounds on my thumbs and shoulder. Was she pretty? I don't remember now! I guess memory management was not fully operational at that time. Shoulder? yeah the 'small' sized riding jacket too is like big for me exposing my shoulder, I seem to have fallen belly down. The doc says I might have had a concussion and 'post traumatic amnesia' due to that. Must have taken a good knock on my head. And no fracture on my hands. I walk to the medical shop, and he says "How are you today sir?" Me:"What are you talking about?" Shopkeeper: "You had come yesterday evening for medicines. 3-4 times and seemed like ur mind of off!". OK! so I was walking around on my own after the crash. I successfully seem to have hidden this incident from my dad cos Not to get him worried. As all he said was "you were behaving strangely and going out of the house 3-4 times!". See the cellfone call register and find a couple of calls I made last evening and call up to enquire that. I forgotten couple of hours before the incident as well. A call I made in the previous day morning seemed like a distant memory. Over next couple of days I discover I have a fracture on my cheek bone. Nothing to be done for it. Each of the three docs who had a look at it pressed my right cheek bone and i hear a crackle! "Oh, dont worry about the sound" said each doc!. CT scan says brain's ok. And will be a few days before the ringing in my ears go and appetite returns. Keeping figures crossed! Doc advised not to ride/drive for a month! But guess I can manage riding around if not bike trips for few weeks.

Moral of the story:
Be ATGATT. (All the gear all the time)
Wear knee pad to save ur knee.
Wear knee pad outside to save ur favorite cargo pant!

Why is this here? Cos it was an escapade from myself!