Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Lil ride on ZMA!

Yes. I got myself a new bike. The ZMA.

Both my horses ;)

Kinda done with the runin/breakin what ever and was craving for a ride on my new bike. Had a few hours on Sunday noon which i make use of. Had cloud cover when i left home but was sunny all the way. Not exactly the kinda time and weather for a ride. But din think much of it any way. Arun had told me about an interior route from Kanakpura to Anchetty. Just headed off that way starting 12.30 pm. Was checking on mileage so din put much fuel! Good ride till kanakpura and I am liking this new bike more and more. Effortless 100+ speeds. Quite a contrast from the CBZ. Very low vibrations, low engine sound. Was feeling like as if i am riding in neutral! Cross kanakpura go towards the fork for anchetty and my reserve starts blinking. I almost thought to turn back as it was not a good idea to get into interior areas without fuel. But i was told there's a fuel bunk in the direction i am going. Well back on the plan. Fuel up and hit the narrow roads. The roads have been relayed many times and are lil higher at the edges. It was turning out to be a balancing act when crossing over an opposing vehicle.

Now kinda getting away from civilization. Crossing many villages in between. Don’t find any open spaces and its undulating on small mountains. This is not the main road and not used by regular traffic except the village folks. I did not estimate properly and now looks like it will be some 40-50 kms of this road.

Speeds reduced. I kinda have to learn to ride this heavy bike as well. As i get into deeper villages i get stared at like an URO by the laid back village people. Some times the road completely disappears into the villages and it was like riding in narrow allies of a village with huts close by. Only to find the road again after the village. Scenery not really impressive. I was going in and out of villages. It was hot and desperately wanted cloud cover. I could see clouds in all directions but for the big hole right above may head making me sweat it out. Had to be careful as to whom to ask directions from. Cos they will ask for lift and if you do not oblige then u will be stared at till u disappear. Should ask from the person coming from opposite direction preferably if he has his own cycle or is dragging some livestock! The thing is that I used to get disoriented as to whether its the same road and was asking to reassure myself. People do behave strangely though :D. For example at only place when i wanted to ask for direction saw a couple of men squatting by the side of the road engrossed in discussion and it took me like a couple of minutes to gather their attention. Then suddenly one guy ran towards my bike asking for a lift! i Quickly throttled out of their:D and could say he was angry and was staring at me standing in the the middle of the road. Din really want to be of service for the next 25 kms that on my first ride on new bike and riding after so much time! Though the road has good tarmac, its of not good quality and still bumpy. May be i should also set the suspension one level softer as my horizontally challenged frame not putting enough pressure on the shox;). Now i sense i will be late for the chore at home. And I cant go any quicker. Just get along stopping a couple of times for pix. Nearing Anchetty the ambiance improves.

I start going up and down the small mountains kinda like small passes :D. Villages become rare and gets isolated and kinda becomes forest road.

The Roads improve very much and gets wider. I increase my speed and it was awesome riding through the thick green growth on either side of the roads.

It gets bettor and bettor as i near Anchetty. I even see sign boards mentioning elephant crossing! Finally get to anchetty. Wish i had to time to go to Hogennekkal. But i have to turn back towards Denkani kotta. Anchetty had some Mohamadian festival and lot of crowd there. As i move out of the village, the normally isolated roads now have some traffic due to festival there. But the roads are much bettor then last time. Wider smoother and twistier!.

Din really gorge on them as i was still not pushing the bike. Cross Denkanikotta and its normal 2 lane road till hosur. I get on to higher RPMs. Still varying the rpms levels. 100 effort less, 110 easy, 120 not a hard work either. Did even touch 128 on the speedo. Sure have ridden zma before but not for so long and its quite a welcome change from my cbz. Its really easy on my body as well. I hardly feel tired. Get to Hosur and its four lane till bangalore. Very easy to maintain 100+ plus speeds and but there is alway need for more;). Get back to home by 4.30 with 180 kms ride. And i even hit the 1000 mark on this bike.

Hope i get to ride more.