Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To Horseley Hills with BPugs

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17th July, 2005: 365 KMs ride.

to put it in short, it was a fun ride wid a bumpy experiance. with ashok leadin the pack of prashant, yet another prashanth, sanjay,bijesh,sampath n me. boy dose ashok rip. hadda hard time stayin wid his tail lamp. half way on a butt break, blurr appears ferrying nikhil wid it. he did a non stop from bangalore to 30kms post chintamani to catch up wid us. reached hosely hills. had some nice twisties to munch on. many curves lost to gravel.

we reach there by 10.30 or so and wonder wat is there in dat place dat we have come for. our guide bijesh finding the place totally different compared to last time when he had visited the place in his past life. wat else found a neat lookin restraunt. dint need a menu cos they served only three items. Poori, Poori and Poori which later looked like papads.

supposed to be a kool retreat, guess meant for andhra pradesh people, but for bangalore gyes the temp din feel any different. before leaving did some offroading to to climp down a bluff kinda
formation. took our bikes till the edge and the heroic efforts was cought by the cameras. on the way back to the road, found a small crowd who were amused to to see us climbing the rocky formation on our bikes. we did some skids and burnouts assisted by the gravel on the road.

on the way back nikhil and me ripped like crazy only to be pulled back by prashanth's tyre puncture. the ride was turning to be a pain for the first timer, already ached by the bumpy road.
took all 8 gyes to remove the wheel. (me mostly givin the gyan ) punture fixed and rip back to blore. and home by 7.30 to a cozy bed.


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