Monday, November 27, 2006

Its a DNF!! - CamShaft WearOut

The two most toughest things to do for an early morning winter ride is, getting out of the bed and getting out of the shower!!.

Braving both, i got there 5 mins late with Rajesh and Amol already there bang on time 5 AM. BR Hills is in the itinerary for the day. We Ride through the early morning twilight time, and just when i was fully pushing my bike i here some noise. I kinda knew immediately it was to do something with the cam!!. But quite optimistically stopped the bike and inspected the crash guard to see if its broken some where and giving out the noise. But nothing.

Then i crank the engine and there u go !! loud metal hitting noise from the engine. Yeah i am done far :( already 50 kms into the ride and will have to ride it like that only all the way back. Rajesh and Amol not knowing kannada and basically not knowing where to go choose to turn back with me. On n number of requests to carry on, they escorted me riding at 40-50 all the way back. Just a light break fast to spice up things.

Wat i fear most is not the cost or effort but the need to runin again :((