Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ManchinBele - A lake Nearby

Manchinbele lake so near to bangalore city is quite an escape. Hardly 30 kms and we are in midst of nature devoid of commercialization at least as of now. Been there n number of times and thats the place i went on my first ride with my bike as well. Its always peaceful there but may not lost long with a proper road coming up and can soon become a picnic spot and loose its charm. Vicky this time joins me as well, frustrated of not having a big ride for quite some time. All the while cribbing why arnt there places around bangalore to ride out nearby like in pune. He knows all the distant places to visit and but is unaware of places near to home hehe.

Now a proper road is under construction but previously had to endure some real bad roads and when u start think why the hell did i come here, just then u take and right turn and the view just hits you. The lake below and the mountains around it. It instantly feels all worth it. We offroad a detour to get to the edge of the water. Spend some quality time there and i try to improve my mobile photography skills.

This lake has a dam as well. Generally off limits to people but some money can get you past ;)

Well too small a ride to blog again but thats all the riding i have been doing off late and can as well save it hoping for good times on the road ahead.