Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to highways - krishnagiRI(P)

had been a long time since i hit the highways n touched 100 on the speedo(one month) cos of ma crash and office work spilling over to weekends. my riding had totally changed towards the over cautious side, expecting every dog and tvs champ in town coming in ma way. first day to office after gettin the bike after 2weeks, it took me 40 mins, where i never crossed 24 mins. desporately needed a rip to get back my rythm. krishnagiri i thought to go all out. beautiful 4 lane high way for 50 KMs after hosur. sunday morning it was and badri was in for the ride. nithin could not be reached.

was at badri's hourse by 8.30 and we start from there to hosur. negotiating the traffic, badri on his powerful lamb went ahead and i was lookin everwhere for ppl straying on the road. at one point where i normally would have gone fully crouched, but went a bit slow thinkin wat if some one jumps of the tall divider. to my surprice some distance ahead a tvs champ cuts in from the divider goes accors the road. would have been tight had i ripped. now got to know why nithin was congratuliting me on my new bike. it behaved quite differently. the forks were never the same. had to learn my bike now. hmmmm.. ok we continued till hosur to have break fast. now its fifty KMs of holy rip. was like ma tails on fire. stopped in between to take some pix. then decided to go non stop to the toll gate some 25 kms. soon left badri behind and went full throttly crouching. heard of ppl getting their personal best on the speedo here. wind was beind and there i go. felt real good to do it after quite some time. at one point i see ma speedo goin 115 and may be higher. tought now gonna break ma record of 116. but it the tacho meter in more hurry than the speedo, which had red lined past 10k rmps and was faster than the speedo. not wanting to make a record on the tacho eased the throttle a bit. from then on for about some 5 kms i could not ride full throttle cos though speedo stuck at 112 the tacho was goin over the redline many times. every time it redlined a special scooping sound i could here. yeah now ma bike gives a sonic boom when it redlines:D. i go to the toll gate and wait for badri. 5 mins and there he comes all happy. "Ma speedo touched 120 man!!!" said badri very extatic. the powerfull lamb did it again. one more gye updates his record there from 115 to 120 on ambi. me like why not me why not me. k now amature photographers at work goin click happy. badri wanted a pic with he hands off the handle bar. cam in my hand and 5 unsuccess full attempts.
1)he put his hands down too soon
2)i clicked too slow
3)he went off given cam to me in non click mode. (never used digicam : there are so many buttons!!!)
4)when was bout to click the cam went to stand by mode
5)bout to click and battry exhausted!!!! :D
hehe no more pix from now.

then we head back. give badri a head start of one minite and off i go. now wind was against us and ma bike would not go past 112 no matter wat i do. badri stopped me pointing towards a narray exit. lets explore he said. wow twisties in between rip fest. we hit it. man it was jem of a road narrow twisties with no body around and smooth tarmac. again my bike was aliean to me here. breaking and leaning to get used to again. missed the cam. 5 kms and we enter a village. equired a villager to where it leads, no where he says deadend. we carry on to see it. pass through a village only to find the whole village staring at us. we back us at the dead end, stop at the entrance at the village and thought of doin some trekkin to a near by hill. we had many ppl staring at us and privcy lost. went for a quick trek. could observe the noice level aroudn the village increase and kids gathering near our biks. guess since it was a dead end they were not used to outsiders. we quit the trek and headed to the bikes and left. had some nice time zipping between trucks busses and cars.

ripped to a hotel near badri's college in hosur for some fluids. swapped bikes. the riding posture was uncomfortable atleast for me with his three piece handly bar. on the road again. the lamb revved so smooth inviting to rip. reaching 80-90 is no problem but have to earn hard every km after that. could manage 105 once. initially when i thought 120!! may be speedo problem but it doesnt go past 90 dat easy. n speedo climb later is gradual. n 120 on dat speedo meant business. bike pretty much smooth and was enjoying the throttle responce zipping between vehicles. thought why is ma bike not as quicker off the mark. reached silk board flyover and got back our steads. the only thing badri liked was the he could reach 100 quickly on ma bike. bid adiou and left after a 180 km ride. indeed mine was quicker off the mark but vibration it gives doesnt get the feeling of being quick. now feeling much bettor. seemed to have fought off some fear and devils in ma mind. ditched goin to office and went out with family.

now craving for a big ride.............


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