Thursday, May 08, 2008

Galibore: Mutthathi Forest again

A ride after a long time. Not yet really in a mindset of touring but just wanted to get away for a few hours. The enthusiastic bunch at xbhp led by john, planed a ride muttatti forest. N i decided to tag along just the previous night. Its always a nice place and the offroading in the forest is exiting. Just showed up the meeting place and unexpectedly it was quite a big turnout. Only Santosh and Harsh were familiar faces while met the rest of the cheerful guys for the first time. Rode in formation reminding me of wayanad almost 3 years back.

Took a break along the deserted road.

Ride through the forest.

Just at the deviation to the jeep trail we find a ditch dug out to prevent ppl from entering the forest. It seems to be offlimits to civilians now. Quite disappointed. A conference as to wat to do now.

Guys scout the area and finally Harsh finds us bikable path across the ditch.

One by one bikes enter the forbidden land. And so does the GSR and R1.

Ofcourse it needed helping hand.
Let the offroading begin.

Its as exiting as the last time riding through the forest.

Its first time for many guys and they take time crossing over the hurdles.

We take a break near the waters and while away some quality time.

Then as the day gets heavier and gets hotter we move on to ride out the rest of the trail.

Santosh and I pull away from the pack for some speed dash. Most of the guys running on stock zappers on their new bikes take it a bit cautiously while as always michelins did a good job for us.

Some fluids to beat the heat. That was quite tough on all of us, but exiting none the less.

Ride out back in almost a formation and we all split at Family mart.

Since it was a ride for me after a long which also involved heavy offroading in that soring heat, i got busted all over and slept like a log for 3 hours before i could come to senses. And finally updating here as it was quite an Escapade.