Sunday, June 24, 2007

HesaraGatta - A Sneak Out

With my bleak riding opportunities offlate, felt like making a couple of hours useful last sunday. Always wanted to check out hesaragatta lake and the supposedly seeming barren isolated area around. Well it was too near and could have been there any time u see ;) Called up Santoosh for directions. He, a regular to that place, gave me enough landmarks right down to the road humps, that i din needa ask ppl for any directions :)

I could basically see only the lake bed instead of the lake. Summer!

Went ahead on those empty roads. And finally came up to the place i had seen in pix. Not really as remote and isolated as it seems but still makes for good photo shoots ;)

The last pic was the TajKutira resort. Good that they dont charge for taking a pic. Well it was just a two digit ride (95kms). But still an escapade ;)